• Image of Big Iron P90 (Humbucker Size)
  • Image of Big Iron P90 (Humbucker Size)

The best of both worlds and unlike any other humbucker sized P90 out there! The Big Iron P90 uses custom slugs I had made for a tone as thick as a humbucker with all the punch and bite P90s are known for.

The custom sized slugs in the Big Iron set allow for a different coil shape than other humbucker sized P90s on the market, which produces a tighter and stronger punch while the increased inductance from the slugs adds a thicker tone with a more sensitive response.

The Big Iron set uses a blend of ceramic and alnico magnets for a fluid feel with strong dynamic response. The modified magnetic field of the blend creates a fatter tone in the bridge and a tighter low end in the neck.

Bridge: 10.5k
Neck 7.2 k

More cover options available by special order. Shoot me an email at [email protected] to learn more.